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Beijing Ito Trade Company Co.,Ltd

  Beijing ITO trade Co.,Ltd by the rattan battery Ryusei Fujisaki into advertising company leading enterprises with Japan adot jointly set up in Beijing in 2018.In China and Japan's economy into the period of slow right now, we hope that we can get through the channel between the two countries, is committed to become a solid bridge between the two countries, we have diversified channels in Japan, and the aid of business resources, to promote business communication and cultural exchange between the two countries communication, active economic between the two countries, to create greater value on both sides of the trade.


    Wantong Co.,Ltd CEO 

    NTK Co.,Ltd Director

    Republican JAPAN Co.,Ltd Director

  • Director:Akihiro Date

    adot Co.,Ltd CEO

  • advisor:Genichi Tamatuka

    Current: Chairman of DEFGITAL HEARTS Group.

    Successive: Chairman of Fast Sales Group LOTTERIA and Chairman of Rosen Group

Shareholders: adot co., LTD


     adot advertising companyfor many Japanese brand provides the omni-directional communication services.Business advertising planning/production/promotion, product development, brand building, brand management,Media investment management, brand communication, digital communication, public relations, public affairs, brand image and professional communication, etc.Adot has been involved in many different areas of professional division: such as brand building company KARASU, UWASA event plan


  • Brand studio


  • Humor&rumor


  • Athele Laboratory


  • Innoyation For HR


  • Creative Consul Ting


  • Creation For Asia


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Our services

  • The content of business:

          Import and export trade, business consulting services, cultural kind of consulting services, advertising planning/production/promotion, medical tourism, food, technology research and development, software development and diversified operations, etc.Has links to most large Japanese companies and large enterprises in China.

  • Partner:

      Runhua, in China: new international, shenyang rings century trade co., LTD., liaoning pu food co., LTD., jung an guotai investment co., LTD., etc.

Our News

Our News

  • Website Production

      Beijing ITO trade icompany. Independently designed and produced the website for the Japanese authoritative hospital - ebisunobuclinic  to make the official website of China.(  

  • Adot Tokyo stock market

      ITO business trade Co., Ltd., Beijing investment company adot have been confirmed in the Tokyo stock market.

  • Japanese medical tourism business startup

      Beijing ITO trade Co., Ltd., officially launched the Japanese medical tourism business.With senior Japanese company to focus on providing high quality service.

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